Теннисная, д. 39 «А» Самара


Prices for a hotel in Samara you can know in advance thanks to modern means of communication. Those who often go on trips know about the problem of choosing a hotel in an unfamiliar city, not by hearsay. In large cities, the choice is particularly large, so it is not difficult to pick up a room in a hotel located in a certain place in the city, as close as possible to those objects that you should visit.

Booking of rooms in the hotel "Safari" you can make through the form, or by calling 8 (846) 992-59-51, with the administrator of the hotel complex.

Schedule: 24 hours a day
Check out time: 12:00
On arrival after 0:00 to 07:00: early check-in is payable in the amount of 0.5 day
Check-in from 07:00 to 12:00 is not paid, as a gift
If the room is renewed for less than 6 hours: an hourly fee is charged
When extending the room for 6-12 hours: half of the cost of the room is charged
If the room is renewed for more than 12 hours: the room rate per night is charged.

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Hotel «Safari»
Samara, Tennisnaya St., 39A